As the founder of RETAILADEMY, I am blessed to be in living in one of the most beautiful cities of this world, Melbourne, Australia. . But I was shaken and really disturbed when i had the opportunity to extensively travel the world and found that there were millions of people who were living below the poverty line, but they all had aspirations to become successful, yet feeling helpless. I was in a similar space myself when I was growing up and know this pain. Call me to be altruistic or whatever, but in my humble view, the only way that anyone can come out of poverty is through education, good quality education. Hence the birth of RETAILADEMY, to provide great quality education which is affordable by anyone who wishes to excel in the game of retail as an industry which is growing and achieve their dreams. There are so many young professionals coming out of villages into cities in the hope of getting a job and achieve their dreams. We will empower retailers through education. We will help you to get the best of retail education at affordable prices. Let’s change the retail game.

In the game of retail, the greatest strength lies not in systems and inventory but in the people within the business (yes, even in today’s online world) and YES, as professionals our individual career matters as a priority. And yet people rely on effective systems and processes to maximise their own performance. As a result, winning the game in retail (or any other industry for that matter) takes a strategic combination of:

  • ‘Soft’ people related skills,
  • Technical skills,
  • Accountability to stay on track, and
  • The key drivers to ensure each move happen with precision and timeliness.

The role of a leader in the retail industry has changed dramatically. Until the end of the 20th century, it was enough for leaders to concentrate their efforts on attaining a functional level of expertise and directing others to perform in order to achieve the company vision. But in the high performance race of the 21st century, leaders must embrace an entirely new set of mandates to lead their people to victory. They must motivate clarity, inspire certainty and mobilise the troops.

Why? Because in the race to succeed, the pursuit of excellence is no longer enough. To be successful today, one needs aspiration and commitment to become exceptional on a global scale. Only then you become a leader of the 21st century in the retail game. The challenge to differentiate you from others is two-fold.

Firstly, how do you ensure that the advice you give (and the thinking and knowledge behind that advice) is world class? Secondly, how do you become known in the marketplace as a Retail Technical Leader or a Retail Thought Leader? This makes it a very UNIQUE OFFERING from RETALADEMY with a combination of both Retail Technical courses and Retail Thought Leaders curriculum.

Retail Technical Leaders

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Retail Thought Leaders

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The Retail Technical Leaders is made up of two streams. Mini Masters In Retail Series for beginners and The Black Belt In Retail Series for the advanced level of learners. The aim of these two series is to gain a solid understanding of all the benefits listed above for retail professionals ensuring you possess the vital technical knowledge and skills to become an effective and sought after professional, entrepreneur and consultant to those operating within the retail sector.

The Mini Masters in Retail and Black Belt in Retail series can become an independent:

  • Graduation course for students who want to make retail a career.
  • Can be a beginner’s guide to retailing or a retailer’s framework for training their graduate trainees.
  • For professionals to brush up their skills and go back to refresh when they face simple challenges. (online support, webinars, individual coaching online are great ways to help).
  • For the top management, a useful tool to look at the business in an easy way.

The Mini Masters In Retail and Black Belt in Retail series is not only an excellent tool for students of retail but for anyone who wants to start a retail business and make it successful.

Even for veterans who wish to brush up their skills, both the Mini Masters In Retail and Black Belt in Retail series is an excellent source. The course cover the entire spectrum of retailing and arms one with the right knowledge, skills, and strategies required to become confident and aware of the tools to be used and when.

The link between Retail Technical Leader & Retail Thought Leader

Where the emphasis in retail used to be predominantly on process, structure and price, today the emphasis must be on innovation, inspiration, integration, differentiation and faultless execution for retailers and retail consultants to do more than just survive. And when we speak of those qualities, we are referring to the essence that defines the growing global practice of Thought Leadership.

Thought Leadership creates retail market leaders

By taking a journey from retail technical leaders to retail thought leaders , you will become a Retail Leader who has the power to help transform a retail establishment or retail clients you work with into global market leaders, while delivering outstanding profitability. In a world that is wired 24/7, traditional forms of marketing have lost their traction. Today people are looking for experts they can trust and it takes a whole new level of thinking to elevate beyond the norms of the past.

We at RETAILADEMY believe that everyone deserves to learn. Whether it’s honing an existing skill, diving into something new, or becoming a leader, our courses can help you acquire the knowledge you’re looking for. Our courses are comprehensive and unique to fit all needs and skill levels. Browse our site to learn more and begin your learning journey which is made easy and most importantly very affordable for anyone who aspires to be the very best in retail as our vision is to empower retailers across the globe through high value education at affordable price.

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